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We train dogs to be not only the finest gun dogs, but the perfect family companion

Welcome to Michigan's Complete Year-Round Training and Lab Breeding Facility!

Countryside Kennels - North Branch, Michigan

After purchasing Cali in California, we brought her to Jim for training.   Cali was wild and hard headed and we knew Jim had a real challenge on his hands.  At the completion of Jim's 12 week waterfowl training program, Cali went from an uncontrolled ball of energy to a well trained gundog.  As my wife put it "Jim did a remarkable job".   I had Cali in training fields a few days after bringing her home and she was all business.  I will say this, a trainer that can take a rough raw pup and train her into a well mannered gundog is truly talented.  We can't say thank you enough.

David P. / Alpena, MI

Jim, I thought you might like this picture of Ranger.  He has been an awesome addition to our family and I've never had a dog with a nose like Ranger does.  

Terry D.  / Harrison Twp., MI

I just want to start by saying what a pleasure it has been working with Jim Miller.  I have bought dogs from all over and this has been the easiest process so far.  I bought a dog off you in 2009 and that has been the  easiest dog I have ever trained and an even better family dog - a true testament that you were doing something right then.  My brother purchased a dog from you a few years back and the hunt drive in her is something you don't see often - again you're still doing the right thing with your dogs.  When I decided I was ready for my next dog, there was no question who to go to.  Even half way across the country you were the guy to talk to.  I've never had a dog shipped and again you made that process very easy.  I would highly recommend you and your kennel service to anyone looking for a well-rounded dog.  You're doing things the right way, that's for sure.  Thanks again.

Justin B. / Rawlins, WY

Lucky, we had an amazing weekend with our new pup Brook.  Our training is going so well.  Again, you make amazing dogs.  We can't believe her ability to listen for as young as she is.  I am grateful for both you and Kim, you really do make happiness with your dogs.

Steve & Rhonda M.  / Brighton, MI

Jim at Countryside Kennels was excellent.  We contacted him about getting a lab for our family.  Jim kept us updated regularly, and has stayed in touch even after we brought Fletcher home.  We had an excellent experience picking out Fletcher.  He has been amazing, learning quickly, he's well mannered and has an excellent nose.  We can't wait to see what the future holds for our family and we will definitely use Countryside Kennels again.

Aaron P. / Richmond, MI

Jim, just wanted to say thank you so much for a great puppy.  He and my son quickly became best friends and he has been hands down the best dog we have ever owned.

William W. / Conneaut Lake, PA

I get stopped all the time by people wanting to tell me how beautiful my dog is.  Aside from being a great looking dog, Stella is hands down the best dog I have ever had.  She is so smart!  A great combination of family dog and four legged hunting machine.

Mark D. / Shelby Township, MI

Jim, we took our beautiful chocolate lab Annie Rey directly to our vet after picking her up from you.  He said she was beautiful, very healthy, and one of the best female labs he has ever seen!  Thanks for our wonderful girl!

Mark & Judy G.  / Sebewaing, MI

Jim, just wanted to say I'm beyond impressed with the pup I got from you. 

He has been doing great with ducks and geese and we took him to the ranch today

and he pointed every bird.

Jake H.  / Fostoria, MI

We could not be happier with the results of our dog Gunnar after enrolling him in Jim's 28 day Shed Dog Training Program.  Gunnar was an extremely hard-headed dog heading into the program.  At the completion of the 28-day program, Gunnar went from an uncontrolled stubborn dog that was horrible on the leash and easily distracted to a well-trained and obedient shed dog in a matter of 28 days.  We took Gunnar in the woods the same day after picking him up and he was all business searching for antlers.

I would highly recommend Jim Miller and Countryside Kennels to anyone wishing to have a very well-trained and terrific hunting dog.  Not only is Jim Miller a great dog trainer, but he is a great man that I would consider a friend after our experience with him.

Travis G.  / Allen Park, MI

It only took hunting with Lucky and his dogs just one time to see what kind of person and trainer he was.  In watching his dogs respond to him as well as hunt for him you could tell they loved what they were doing, it wasn't just work for was fun.  I took my lab Nikki to Lucky for the two week introductory course when she was 6 months old.  I could see such a big difference in her in just two weeks.  I then took her back for the 28 day Gun Dog course where Lucky turned her into the hunting dog I have always dreamed of.  She is now a wonderful, well-trained bird dog.  I would recommend Lucky to anyone wishing to have a very well-trained and terrific hunting dog as well as a life long companion. - Mike B. / Otisville, MI

When I purchased my second black lab puppy, I was looking for a dog who would be stronger in the field, yet a great family dog.  Captiva's championship blood lines (Lean Kate and NFC AFC Five Star Patton) provided a strong-willed, highly driven pup who is very adept at field, agility, rally and obedience work, yet still a good family dog.  I was off to a good start with her, but unable to get exactly the results I desired.

I met James "Lucky" Miller at the Detroit Kennel Club Show at Cobo Hall in Detroit.  I watched Lucky put his puppy Gracie thru her paces, and then met with him one on one.  Jim listened very carefully to my needs and desires for my dog, and how he can help me achieve my goals.  I decided to head to Countryside Kennels in Bad Axe for one of Lucky's one on one sessions, custom designed for my dog's needs.

Jim's facility was exactly as promised: meticulously clean and very professional.  In her one day session Captiva retrieved in tall grass, ponds, blind and open fields.  She also worked live birds, pointed/flushed and greatly improved in her obedience work.  Most importantly, I also received additional training in handling my dog.

With great anticipation I returned Captiva to Lucky for an additional two weeks of training.  Upon completion, Captiva met and exceeded every goal I had established for her.  Her retrieves are complete and polished, her whistle work is stronger and she remains focused on her duties.

Jim did a fantastic job for me and Captiva and we will be returning to Countryside Kennels.  His name is Lucky, but I think Captiva is the lucky one. - Denise B. / Sterling Heights, MI

I have known many good dog trainers during my time here at Michigan Out of Doors TV.  What i find so refreshing about Jim Miller is, yes, he has great dogs with very good blood lines.  Yes, he is a very good trainer who works hard to get the best of his dogs.  Yes, he works with his clients to maximize their time afield with their chosen breed.  However, the thing that sticks out about Jim Miller is not only the kind of breeder and trainer he is, its the kind of person that he is.  Jim will give you the best he has, he is a man of integrity and honesty.  I feel very fortunate to be working with a pup I got from Jim, and look forward to many years of bird dog stories to tell.

- Jimmy Gretzinger / Executive Producer Michigan Out of Doors TV


Thanks so much for the help in getting my 8 month old Llewellin Setter, Sable, ready for the upcoming Grouse/Woodcock season.  Your gentle yet steady and consistent methods really helped "turn the light on" for her.  I will also be adding much to my own training plans from the things I've learned from you.  Your ability to read a bird dog was certainly impressive.  You seem to speak their language!

I couldn't be happier with my choice to visit Countryside! - Mark Cyccone

We had been considering getting a dog for quite some time.  With an almost 1 year old and a 3 year old, we knew we needed a good family dog, as well as, hunting companion.  We met Jim at the Detroit Kennel Club dog show in March 2007.  After seeing Midas "work" and then turn around and play with children, we knew we had found the breeder we were looking for.  At the end of that very same month, Timber, our handsome chocolate lab pup joined the family.

At 5 months old, Timber headed back up to Countryside Kennels for his first training session.  Jim listened carefully to us as we explained what we were working on and needing at home, and then told us what he would do with Timber over the course of his week stay.  The change in Timber was unbelievable!  Basic commands were finally in place, and with Jim's guidance, we were able to maintain these and begin working ahead.

That Fall, Timber when back up for a 6 week stay to begin his hunting training.  Once again, Jim was patient with us, as well as with Timber, as he worked to help all of us through some early handler errors.  Timber came home after his stay as a wonderful family dog, who has incredible drive in the field as a hunter.

To say the least, we are incredibly impressed with Jim and Countryside Kennels.  Timer has boarded there and will return for further training in the future.  We have not hesitated to recommend Countryside Kennels to others, and we will purchase our future labs for Jim's beautiful lines.

- Bo and Robin Vechazone


I want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to own such a wonderful puppy!  My dad has owned many bird dogs in his life and he says that Libby is truly a great dog!  She has a great temperament, and her capacity to learn is phenomenal.  I believe that those attributes that Libby has are due to your caring about what kind of dogs come from your kennel.  I don't think I ever had to spend more than 15 minutes trying to teach her a basic command.  When I sent her up to your kennel for the 28 day gun dog training I had expectations of how I wanted her to be when you were finished with her.  I can honestly say that you completely surpassed my expectations!  Its like she has an "on/off" switch as you would say!  When we are at home she is calm, plays and is a puppy, but when I take her to the field she flips the switch and it's go time.  She is a great dog in the field as well as at home.  I really don't think that I could be happier or made a better decision than to get a puppy from Countryside Kennels!  Thank you for everything that you have done, and keep up what you are doing because I know you strive to provide the best! - Jason Demattia

After taking a full year and a half to locate a breeder with integrity and a passion for dogs, I found Countryside Kennels.  I wanted a complete dog that would be part of the family and had a strong drive to hunt.  After visiting, I decided to purchase what would be know today as Remi's 2nd Chance of Countryside Kennels.  Remi is a black lab with a great family attitude and an even greater drive to obey commands and hunt.  Remi has turned out to be one of the best pointing Labradors that I have ever hunted with.

And if that wasn't enough, I decided after 6 months with Remi to purchase a second Lab for Countryside.  My second Lab would be known today as Ruger's Lucky Faull of Countryside Kennels.  He is a yellow male and is working out to be just as great as Remi.  In the spring of 2010, I'm very confident that both Remi and Ruger will earn their first title under the American Pointing Labrador Association with high hopes of more to follow.

High quality genetics are the foundation of these Labradors at Countryside Kennels and a testament to Jim "Lucky" Miller and his work.  Make no mistake, these Labradors are the best and perhaps maybe a third dog is in the works for us.  If you're looking for a dog of a lifetime, visit Countryside Kennels.

Thanks to Jim "Lucky" Miller and all of Countryside Kennels! - M. Schlund

Jim, here are my pups Boone and Crockett.

Thank you for following up with me after the talk we had at the Columbus, OH Deer and Turkey Spectacular.  It meant alot to me that you kept your word.  Some people say they are your friend then you never hear back from them.  This shows how genuine you are.

I'm glad to call you my friend and hope to see you at this years expo.  Hopefully we can find time to shed hunt together. - Dave H.

Cammie has been a joy.  You did a great job training her.  My family and I love to shed hunt and she is a great addition to our family.

Shed season has just begun and we have already found three.  We are really excited about the rest of the season and the seasons to come.

Thanks again! - Jason L.

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