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Countryside Kennels - North Branch, Michigan

Program # 1 - Available April 2021

28 Day Shed Antler Intro - $750

Our shed antler program has been featured at Deer and Turkey Expos throughout the Country.  We will work your dog through pines, orchards and brush teaching him/her the skills required to becoming a "shed finding machine".

Program # 2
One on One Shed Antler Recovery - $125
1 hour session with you and your dog 

Professionally training dogs for nearly 30 years, we are one of the nation's most recognized shed dog training facilities.  As a pioneer in this field, we now visit several states each year performing training seminars and educational events, sharing our knowledge with others to help them find sheds with their dogs.  We can, and often do, customize programs for individuals based on their shed finding desires.  

Shed Antler Recovery Training Program

Please note that our kennel is on our private property.  All drop off/pick up dates and times are by appointment only.