Please note that our kennel is on our private property.  All drop off/pick up dates and times are by appointment only.

We train dogs to be not only the finest gun dogs, but the perfect family companion

Welcome to Michigan's Complete Year-Round Training and Lab Breeding Facility!

Countryside Kennels - North Branch, Michigan

Nestled back in the woods, we have created the perfect habitat for simulating natural hunting conditions a dog will encounter.  An enclosed area with a perfect mix of grasses, shrubs, and trees provide excellent upland training.  Our pond, in a natural setting,  is used to create an excellent area for waterfowl training.

Program # 1 - Available April 2021

28 Day Gun Dog Intro - $750 (no bird fee)

Program # 2 - Available April 2021
3 Month Gun Dog - $2,000 (no bird fee)

Upland or Waterfowl.  This program is designed to have your dog

"ready" to hunt.

Program # 3
One on One Gun Dog - $150 (includes birds)
1 hour session with you and your dog 

Gun Dog Training Program