Countryside Kennels - North Branch, Michigan

Lucky's Keno Numbers 4480 (Keno)

60 lb Yellow Lab Female.  Keno is as sweet as they get.   Great with kids and other dogs and dynamite in the field.  Keno is a product of 20 years of selective breeding.

Countryside's Silver Spoon Maggie

Such a sweet dog!  Beauty and brains, Maggie is a 70 lb Silver Lab Female.  She has the perfect temperament to perform in the field and curl up with the kids at night.

Countryside's Hi-Point Lady Claire

55 lb Fox Red Lab Female.  Her pedigree is loaded with both Pointing Labs and Trial dogs.  Including NAFC FC AFC Ebonstar Lean Mac, GMPR HPK Shooter's Point Baxter Bing JH, and Helm's Point Doctor.

Countryside's Bad News Blondie

50 lb Yellow Lab Female.  She is a hard charging dog in the field and a gentle loving dog in the home.  Good looking and intelligent, this is one of our best dogs.  Blondie has hunted all over the Midwest and is currently one of the top guide dogs at our lodge in South Dakota.

Countryside Kennels - Dams

After training thousands of dogs over 20 years, we have been able to hand select exactly what we are looking for in a dog.  Many of our Dams and Sires are not owned by us, but we have maintained the breeding rights to them.

Countryside's Hi-Point Baxters Bailey

70 lb Fox Red Lab Female.  Bailey is one of our best!  Calm and dedicated but ferocious in the field.  Bailey has produced some amazing pups and we have high expectations for her in the future.

We train dogs to be not only the finest gun dogs, but the perfect family companion

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